Re-tensioning a roller shutter load spring ?

Need to re-tension your spring-loaded Roller Shutter? Learn how to re-tension your spring with the simple steps below.

Good to know:
AvosDim stocks 3 load springs for Domestic Roller Shutters with curtain weights from 4kg to 10kg.
– On a Renovation (build on) Roller Shutter if your shutter rolls outwards (external installation), the spring is positioned on the right (viewed from inside).
– If your shutter curtain rolls inwards, on Renovation (build on) Roller Shutter as well as on Traditional (build in) Roller Shutter the spring is on the left viewed from inside.


Necessary tools:

  • 1 Phillips screwdriver
  • 1 pair of gloves

Step 1: Detaching the curtain

– Unscrew the two screws of the trunk using a Phillips screwdriver.This takes you inside Roller Shutter.We recommend that you maintain the boxto prevent it from falling and thus being damaged. This is composed of a roller tube. of 2 flexible curtain clips and of a spring on the inside of the roller tube.


– Free the slat curtain from the tube by gently detaching the 2 flexible curtain clips - wear some gloves to prevent injury from the sharp sides.
– Pull back the 2 curtain clips. It is important to maintain the axis well and to release it gently once the clips are separated from the tube.

Step 2: Re-tension the spring

First of all, make a mark on your roller tube using a marker. This mark will be used to count the number of turns you are doing. This number of turns will depend on the height of your shutter, the weight and the condition of the slats.
– Rotate the roller tube in the downward direction — here we will do 8 turns.
Please note: The rolling direction must be adhered to otherwise the spring will break. It is also important not to turn the spring too much, as this risks breaking it.
– Hold the roller tube in your hand until the slat curtain clips are put back.


– Carefully replace the slat curtain clips.
– Test and re-tension as necessary.


Voilà, it's done.
If the compensator spring needs to be re-tensioned, it is enough to turn the axis in the downward direction. The spring relaxing during ascents, the slats can then be reattached to the roller tube.

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