Activity on hold - United Kingdom

Dear clients,

The AvosDim UK team has been providing the English market with quality made-to-measure window treatments at unbeatable prices since 2016.

We have experienced exemplary growth with you and are proud to have realised our ambitions, shipping thousands of packages, equipping your houses with our range of elegant products.

Leaving the European Union has made procedures more complex, lengthened lead times and increased costs. Maintaining the level of service is a challenge that is no longer within our reach. This is why AvosDim has decided to put its UK activity on hold to take a step back and study the improvements to be made in order to return to serve you more effectively.

The AvosDim UK team will honour each of the orders entrusted to it, as well as any after-sales service requirements. Email exchanges will remain accessible at the email address

AvosDim would like to thank you for your trust and loyalty over all these years, and we hope to see you very soon!

The AvosDim team.