Our History

Avosdim was started in 2008 in Northern France. After a modest start-up style beginning with just 2 employees and 3 product ranges, we have expanded into an established window fittings specialist serving a number of European countries. Our dedication to giving our customers the best service and value for money has allowed us to continue to grow in France and further afield.

Avosdim UK

Our UK operation was established in 2016 after receiving a variety of orders from across the channel. We are a small and dedicated team aiming to provide the UK market with access to the best in continental window fittings - and quality, value service on the more standard products.

What Makes Us Different

At Avosdim, we favour European know-how with high manufacturing standards at best possible value. From our inception we have developed and maintained fruitful supplier relationships in order to bypass some of the traditional distribution channels. This enables us to offer quality products at some of the best prices around. We also prefer word of mouth and customer loyalty to expensive advertising campaigns, giving us an extra margin to keep our prices low!

Our Services

We aim to provide the best possible service from before an order is placed to after sales support and guarantees. Our main services are based on...