French Fab!

Custom made, French manufacturing:

When you order one of our custom-made roller shutters, blinds or fly screens, you get a product fabricated just for you!

Our small company is located in Hauts de France since 2008! From Bethune, our heart town, known for its magnificent art deco & flamingo city center, we are increasing the repatriation of production to our factory each year. Our challenge: Highlighting proven French know-how and making it accessible to everyone. Why invest abroad when you are able to design within the hexagon a quality product at a similar price or even more affordable?

To the millimeter

You will understand, at AvosDim, we are not kidding with the label made in France! To achieve this, we recruit skilled technicians that we train in our profession, we buy only very good materials, and we regularly invest in efficient & innovative cutting, assembly machines, ...

Result: The tailor-made articles made by the care of our technicians are perfectly finished, which allows the perfect fit at home. Forget the annoyance of doing the cross cutting yourself, the fear of being poorly equipped, or that of simply being clumsy;) Trust AvosDim: we design to your exact dimensions. Precision is our domain!