Domestic roller shutter with box solar powered - Renovation

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  • Solar power battery powered motor: no mains connection necessary!
  • Build on domestic shutter: ideal for existing spaces (retro-fit)
  • Security: Deter and defend against would be intruders
  • Weather: Protect property against inclement weather
  • Insulation: Insulate property and dampen noise levels
  • Privacy: Full 100% black-out whenever required
  • Compact: Close off awkward spaces with no opening radius

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  • PVC slat sample - White PVC slat sample - White
  • ALU slat sample - Brown RAL 8019 ALU slat sample - Brown RAL 8019
  • ALU slat sample - White RAL9010 ALU slat sample - White RAL9010
  • ALU slat sample - Beige ALU slat sample - Beige
  • ALU slat sample - Charcoal RAL 7016 ALU slat sample - Charcoal RAL 7016
  • ALU slat sample - Golden Oak ALU slat sample - Golden Oak
  • ALU slat sample - Grey RAL7038 ALU slat sample - Grey RAL7038
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Made to Measure Roller Shutter: Renovation (solar powered)

The Solar Powered Renovation ('build on') Roller Shutter is suitable for:

  • RENOVATION type: Retro-fitting (internally or externally) onto existing structures (windows and doors), not intended for integrating into the masonry
  • SOLAR powered: You want the comfort of a motorised shutter without electrical connection requirements, powered independently

Are you looking for an electric roller shutter? A strap roller shutter or a shutter with spring & lock and pull handles? Order the economical custom-made roller shutter for your windows and doors. The product offers privacy, insulation and security.

Please note: Not suitable for use as garage doors

AvosDim, manufacturer of custom-made electric, solar & manual roller shutters

We are a dynamic, young French company that has mastered the manufacture of custom-made roller shutters, investing in our in-house production process without neglecting the quality of materials and workmanship. Our product is designed and fabricated in our workshop in northern France, to your dimensions and configuration by our team of DIY enthusiasts! As we manufacture, we stock all necessary spare parts ready to ship, catering to all maintenance and repair requirements.

AvosDim is part of the French Fab, network of French Industrialists recognised by the State.


Solar motors: AvosDim VS Somfy

Both the AvosDim and Somfy solar-powered motor systems are of excellent quality, and are both compatible with installing the panel on the shutter box or on the wall. The Somfy motor, panel and battery option is a premium, well-known brand, which allows connectivity with other io homecontrol ® protocol products. If the connectivity or brand assurance isn't a priority, we recommend our own-brand AvosDim solar-panel system, offering excellent value and matching performance.
Similar features & performance aside, the AvosDim option has a big advantage over the Somfy alternative: the emergency power supply via a charger connects to the motor without opening the roller box, thanks to a waterproof jack socket located below it. Effective and affordable! Optional backup power supply - highly recommended

cross-section view solar panel roller shutter
Solar motor AvosDim Somfy
Strength 20 Nm 6 / 10Nm
Speed 10 rpm 18 / 10 rpm
Voltage 12 V 12 V
Ampage 4 A 2 A
Technology 2-way 2-way OXIMO SOLAR IO
Functioning temperature - 10° / + 50° - 20° / + 60°
Stop limit setting Electronic Electronic
IP 44 44
Certifications CE, TUV, VDE, ROHS CE
Functionality Protection gel Protection gel, preferred position
Control 2-way AvosDim remote, Box AvosDim 2-way Somfy io remote, Box Tahoma Switch
Solar panel AvosDim Somfy
Material Monocrystalline - epoxy resin Monocrystalline - epoxy resin
Dimensions 470 x 60 x 4.5 mm 470 x 60 x 6 mm
Position On box or wall (excluding internal rollers) On box or wall (excluding internal rollers)
Charge voltage 16V 12V
Wattage 5W 3.2W
Cable length 1m 0.2m
Solar battery AvosDim Somfy
Autonomy 50 days without sun 45 days without sun
Position inside box inside box
Dimensions ø25mm - length 470 mm ø27mm - length 580mm
Nominal voltage 11.1V 12V
Capacity 5200 mAh 2200 mAh
Functioning temperature - 20° / + 60° - 20° / + 70°
IP 68 X4
Certifications CE CE


Elegant solar panel plate

Did you know? The solar panel doesn't require direct sunlight to collect solar energy. A few hours of sunshine are enough to charge the battery inside the panel. Once fully charged, it easily ensures up to 150 cycles!

AvosDim and Somfy monocrystalline solar panels, aesthetically similar, are intended to be compact and inconspicuous, preserving the aesthetics of the building facade.
The two bi-directional solar panel systems are compatible with AvosDim 005313 connected home box and the Tahoma Switch box (sold separately). Thanks to the bi-directional (2-way) technology, information including the current status of the roller shutter, battery charge and more is provided...

solar panel on grey roller shutter
solar panel installed on wall

Offset installation of the solar panel

The two brands of roller shutter solar panels allow installation directly on the box or offset on the wall, to best optimise the reception of solar energy.
If you have chosen installation on the box, our technicians will position it in the desired location. Alternatively, we position the motor on the chosen panel side, supplying 2 wall brackets for fixed inclination at 15°. The black cable, starts from the underside of the box to connect with the panel. The length depends on the brand. The information is available in the comparative table, as well as the dimensions of the panels.

Please note: The position of the cable outlet under the box makes the offset panel option incompatible with inward box reveal fits.
Opposite an installation of with offset AvosDim solar panel.

Manual battery charging

AvosDim and Somfy solar batteries have a substantial autonomy without needing to charge, between 45 and 50 days on average. As a precaution, it is always recommended to have a charger for backup power. The model compatible with your battery is displayed as an option in the configurator. It's also possible to purchase at a later date, as we stock the AvosDim and Somfy emergency power supplies seperately on the site.
The AvosDim model can be recharged without opening the box, while the Somfy model requires one of the box sections to be opened during charging.
AvosDim 005415 charger or Somfy 9015006 charger: an indicator light indicates when charging is complete. Minimum duration 6h.

solar panel charger
Emergency power AvosDim 005415 Somfy 9015006
Cable 1m - jack 3.5mm (waterproof) 1.8m - 4 point molex connector
Recharge Connection through box (waterproof) Connection to battery inside box
Voltage 12 V 12 V
Charge current 1 A 0.8 A
Certifications CE, TUV, ROHS CE

Aluminium vs. PVC slats

aluminium slats

The all-aluminum roller shutters offer optimal sound insulation and enhanced security. Aesthetically, the choice of colours is extensive and the finish is effectively resistant to UV and weather wear.

  • Visible dimensions of aluminum slat: 42 x 8.80mm; weight = 2.31Kg/m2

  • Polyurethane foam injected: density 90kg/m3

  • Additional thermal resistance (?R Class 4) = 0.15 m2 K/W

  • Aluminum thickness: 27/100e

  • Crimped slat ends to wedge the alignment of the slats between them; slats are protected during operation, and quieter

  • Apertures between slats, except spring & lock type shutters

pvc slats

PVC slats have high thermal insulation while the material is a more economical option. The material is sensitive to UV and bad weather, and colour fading, especially white. PVC slats are always associated with an aluminum frame, ie box, side guide tracks and bottom slat.

  • Visible dimensions of PVC slat: 39 x 8.20mm (weight = 2.82Kg/m2)

  • Slat apertures except spring & lock type shutters

Try out colour options at home!

Order free samples of made-to-measure shutter slats in white RAL 9010, beige, anthracite gray RAL 7016, light gray RAL 7038, brown RAL 8019, black RAL 9005 and imitation gold oak wood veneer. Find them in the dedicated SAMPLE tab. Quick dispatch!

colour selection roller shutters

Order your slat samples for FREE!

Installation types: 'Renovation' roller shutter

  • lintel reveal installed outward box

    Under lintel installation - outward box

    The shutter fits into the reveal under the lintel. The side tracks and slat curtain come down against the window. Please note: 5-8mm tolerance allowance is automatically subtracted from the provided opening dimensions.

  • lintel reveal inward box fit

    Under lintel installation - inward box

    The shutter fits in the reveal, under the lintel. The slat curtain descends flush with the surround. Note: the roller box must not be larger than your available depth under the lintel. Please note: 5-8mm tolerance allowance is automatically subtracted from the provided opening dimensions.

  • face fit roller shutter

    Surface mounted installation

    The shutter is fitted above and around the opening, allowing full daylight through when raised. Constraint: the roller box must have room above the opening (up to 205mm height), and the side tracks require 55mm on each side of the opening.Please note: The box and side track dimensions are added on automatically to the provided opening dimensions.

Composition of the Renovation roller shutter

  • 1

    Box end caps

  • 2

    Motor support

  • 3


  • 4

    Solar-powered motor

  • 5

    Solar battery

  • 6

    Roller tube

  • 7

    Solar panel

  • 8

    Remote panel socket (if AvosDim system)

  • 9

    Tube end

  • 10

    Curtain entry guides

  • 11

    Curtain attachment clips

  • 12

    Slat curtain

  • 13

    Guide tracks

  • 14

    Lower box section

  • 15

    Upper box section

  • 16

    Track inserts (if 'face fit')

  • 17

    End stoppers


Digital PDF instructions available 24/7 in the INSTRUCTIONS section of this page and on your customer account in the “My orders” section.

Instruction manuals

Information sheet

Information sheet
Name Domestic roller shutter with box
Warranty (years) 5

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