Why choose a Domestic Roller Shutter?

Domestic Roller Shutter Advantages:

Are you hesitating to invest in a roller shutter? Below we break down some of the advantages of installing roller shutters on your home.


1. Security

A shutter is a great solution for adding an extra layer of security to your home, deterring burglars and anti-social behaviour. Aluminium slats are the best option for homes where security is the priority.

Invisible anti-lift clips, which connect the slat curtain to the roller barrel, can also be configured with your shutter to prevent forcing up the slat curtain from underneath.The security clips are compatible with all shutters except 'spring & lock' manual type.

With the price of motorised and automated control options steadily decreasing, there are great deals available on the market: automated opening / closing schedules, the simulation of presence in your absence (great for going on holiday). Other options even allow remote management at any time, anywhere in the world (connected to the internet), for example the AvosDim smart automation box or Somfy TaHoma Switch.

  1. Smart home automation box

    Smart home automation box

    for Avosdim RF Motors

  2. Somfy Switch 1870595

    Somfy TaHoma Switch Box 1870595

    RTS / IO / Zigbee


2. Insulation

In the closed position, our roller shutters enjoy great insulation qualities, reducing the flow of hot/cold air, which can be utilised all year round. The tight joins on the box, channels and slats, as well as rubber seal on the bottom slat, all contribute to a great solution for added insulation.

Whether the slats are PVC or aluminum, they will improve your insulation, however PVC is optimal for this priority. Plan on choosing aluminum slats instead?
Aluminium slats have foam insulation between the aluminium walls, the higher the density per m3, the better the insulation.

For these same reasons, installing a roller shutter also provides effective reduction in noise pollution. Unlike PVC slats for thermal insulation, aluminum is more effective for sound insulation.

  1. AvosDim traditional type roller shutter

    Domestic Roller Shutter without box

    manual / motorised - Traditional

    As low as £64.90
  2. colour range for avosdim domestic roller shutter with box

    Domestic roller shutter with box

    manual / motorised - Renovation

    As low as £65.90
  3. Domestic roller shutter with box

    Domestic roller shutter with box

    solar powered - Renovation

    As low as £289.90

3. Modernisation

The domestic roller shutter gives a modern and practical solution to home closures. Better insulation, operated exclusively from inside, and a neat, secure finish giving you peace of mind, at home or away from home.

2. Privacy

During the day, lower the roller shutter to the most suitable height to protect yourself from intrusive sunlight, watch TV or work on the computer without reflections, or for the children to take a nap in the dark or half-light.

In the evening, close it completely to protect your privacy, preserve the ambient temperature and get that extra safe feeling.

There are a variety of roller shutter slats on the market, with apertures between the slats or without. This term refers to the interstices between the slats that can be seen when the shutter curtain is lowered but not completely closed, letting in light during the day and also allowing ventilation. Our shutters come with apertures on all configurations except for 'spring & lock' type shutters due to mechanical constraints.

roller shutters installed in reveal
roller shutters and patio
roller shutter with quarter round box
roller shutter inside view
external domestic roller shutters

2. Increased value

In addition to securing your property and saving energy consumption, when you decide to invest in the comfort of one or more roller shutter units, they can also increase the value of your home as an attractive addition for potential buyers.

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