Need dimensions for Reno roller shutter ?

Opt for the made-to-measure renovation roller shutter, a suitable solution for a variety of applications, down to the millimetre. Follow the diagram below to ensure you receive the dimensions you need.

Important :
If you are unsure of your measurements, you can contact our customer service and confirm any queries you may have. From our exchanges with our customers, we are well placed to know that the purchase of a shutter can be a delicate process, especially when it is carried out remotely.

How do I take measurements for a Renovation type roller shutter?

The diagram above helps you take the right measurements in the right place. The height and width of the reveal are taken in 3 different places to deal with out of square points. Use the smallest measurement. Our technicians are responsible for adapting your roller shutter to your dimensions, whatever the installation type chosen.

Want to see how our roller shutters are made?

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  1. colour range for avosdim domestic roller shutter with box

    Domestic roller shutter with box

    manual / motorised - Renovation

    As low as £65.90
  2. AvosDim traditional type roller shutter

    Domestic Roller Shutter without box

    manual / motorised - Traditional

    As low as £64.90
  3. made to measure 'tunnel' type integrated roller shutter

    Domestic Roller Shutter without Box

    motorised - Tunnel

    As low as £99.90
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