Domestic Roller Shutter without Box motorised - Tunnel

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  • Ready-to-install 'Tunnel' type shutters for integrated fitting
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  • Quick and simplified installation
  • Secure and insulate windows, doors & bay windows
  • Connected shutters compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant

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  • PVC slat sample - White PVC slat sample - White
  • ALU slat sample - Brown RAL 8019 ALU slat sample - Brown RAL 8019
  • ALU slat sample - White RAL9010 ALU slat sample - White RAL9010
  • ALU slat sample - Beige ALU slat sample - Beige
  • ALU slat sample - Charcoal RAL 7016 ALU slat sample - Charcoal RAL 7016
  • ALU slat sample - Golden Oak ALU slat sample - Golden Oak
  • ALU slat sample - Grey RAL7038 ALU slat sample - Grey RAL7038
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Product details

tunnel type roller shutter installed on house

Roller Shutter: Tunnel

The integrated 'Tunnel' type domestic roller shutter is designed for:

  • New buildings (not for retro-fitting)
  • Integrating with a purpose-built insulated box enclosure into the masonry of the lintel above the window, invisible both inside and outside
  • Replacing a shutter of identical type

Looking for a motorised domestic roller shutter for your new-build? Order for your windows, French windows & bay windows with the affordable custom-made AvosDim 'Tunnel' type shutter and benefit from maximum insulation, privacy and security.

Please note: Not suitable for garage door use.

tunnel roller shutter cross-section
tunnel roller shutter cross-section internal

AvosDim, manufacturer of custom-made electric, solar & manual roller shutters

We are a dynamic, young French company that has mastered the manufacture of custom-made roller shutters, investing in our in-house production process without neglecting the quality of materials and workmanship. Our product is designed and fabricated in our workshop in northern France, to your dimensions and configuration by our team of DIY enthusiasts! As we manufacture, we stock all necessary spare parts ready to ship, catering to all maintenance and repair requirements.

AvosDim is part of the French Fab network of French Industrialists recognised by the State.

logos made france
fr color

ALU vs. PVC slats

aluminium slats

The all-aluminum roller shutters offer optimal sound insulation and enhanced security. Aesthetically, the choice of colours is extensive and the finish is effectively resistant to UV and weather wear.

  • Visible dimensions of aluminum slat: 42 x 8.80mm; weight = 2.31Kg/m2

  • Polyurethane foam injected: density 90kg/m3

  • Additional thermal resistance (?R Class 4) = 0.15 m2 K/W

  • Thick aluminum strap 27/100e

  • Crimped slat ends to wedge the alignment of the slats between them; slats are protected during operation, and quieter

PVC slat

PVC slats have high thermal insulation while the material is a more economical option. The material is sensitive to UV and bad weather, and colour fading, especially white. PVC slats are always associated with an aluminum frame, ie box, side guide tracks and bottom slat.

    • Visible dimensions of PVC slat: 39 x 8.20mm (weight = 2.82Kg/m2)

Test colour options at home!

Order free samples of made-to-measure shutter slats in white RAL 9010, beige, anthracite gray RAL 7016, light gray RAL 7038, brown RAL 8019, black RAL 9005 and imitation gold oak wood veneer. Find them in the dedicated SAMPLE tab.

tunnel-rol roller shutter colour range

Order FREE slat samples!

Slat apertures for good ventilation

The AvosDim roller shutter curtain has apertures between the slats. These are regular openings / interstices which allow ventilation with lowered (not fully closed) shutters, or to darken without obscuring light completely.

When completely closed the shutters offer a full blackout.

roller shutter slat apertures
curtain clips

Shutter curtain clips

Shutter slat curtains are attached to the roller tube with flexible curtain clips as standard. These are space-saving, flexible and hold up very well to multiple daily operations. Depending on the control type selected, rigid hanger clips, also called anti-lift clips, are also available. These rigid clips prevent the shutter from being pryed up from underneath for absolute security.

Installation of the Tunnel shutter

Total width of the Tunnel box including side panels = transom width + 200mm (the box & side panels assembly protrudes by 100mm at each end of the transom)
A free space of at least 60mm on each side of the box for concrete filling is recommended. Any doubt? Ask us for advice or ask your builder!

Are you ordering the shutter and its mechanism without the box? Here is additional information about what we will make for you:

  • Height of the slides = height between walls + 100mm

  • Height of slat deck = height between walls + 126mm

dimensions diagram tunnel roller shutter

The COFFRELITE Tunnel safe

Don't have a Tunnel box yet? If the building is under construction or soon will be, select 'with COFFRELITE box. We work with the COFFRE ELITE model from COFFRELITE, a solid and proven quality / price ratio. The features are standard yet high quality, with solidity as well as thermal insulation. Appropriate end and underside panels are supplied.


  • a = 280mm

  • b = 293mm

  • c = 300mm

  • d = 220mm

  • e = 205mm

  • f = 35mm

  • g = 25mm

< tunnel roller shutter diagram
curtain clips


  • Expanded polystyrene shell, round metal frame, facings in Fibraggio (mainly cement-based fibraggio), PVC interior rail and aluminum exterior

  • Heat loss coefficient in w/m2: between 0.7 and 1.3

  • Acoustic reduction coefficient: from 46Db road to 52Db

  • Suitable walls: Cement, Terracotta, Aerated concrete

  • Left and right paraseismic side panels supplied: they are fixed at each end of the tunnel box. The axis is then joined to it with the motor support and the end of the tube. (blocking screw provided)

  • Underside panel of box provided (white)

Fixing the roller tube

All parts of our mechanisms are made to go together! If the tunnel box is purchased separately, make sure it is the Elite 280 box model with dedicated ZF ends so that it is compatible. The roller tube is clipped to the ZF ends, completing the assembly.

tunnel roller shutter tube fixture

Motor control options:

switch control roller shutter

Switch control motorised shutter - AvosDim ® motor

This electric roller shutter can be operated effortlessly from a hard-wired switch of AvosDim or any other brand. Both the motor (4-core cable) and the switch require an electrical connection. The stop limit switches of the wired motor are manual. The costs for this control type are very affordable. AvosDim ® Motors also exist with a 'manual override' version. The emergency manual override motors allow manual operation without power supply via a crank.

Remote control motorised shutter - AvosDim ® or Somfy ® RTS motor

Automated opening and closing groups can be made from the same control unit. Signal ranges easily allow remote management over several meters.
Thanks to the AvosDim ® smart home box or Tahoma Somfy ® connected home box, unidirectional RF roller shutter motors can also be managed from the smartphone app on Iphone and Android, as well as via Alexa or Google Assistant / Google Home voice speakers. Home automation boxes for shutters are sold separately.

AvosDim ® Motors also exist with a 'manual override' version. The emergency manual override motors allow manual operation without power supply via a crank.

Motor stop limits are adjusted in the factory, however occasionally these need to be re-set on installation.

remote control


Digital PDF instructions available 24/7 in the INSTRUCTIONS section of this page and on your customer account in the “My orders” section.

Instruction manuals

L'Art de fabriquer Votre Volet
Comment prendre mesure volet roulant

Information sheet

Information sheet
Name Domestic Roller Shutter without Box
Sku Fabriquant VRSM_TUNNEL
Warranty (years) 5

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