AvosDim motorisation kit - compact motor ø60mm tube - switch control

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  • For all types/brands of manual shutter
  • AvosDim compact 10Nm motor, for shutters from W410mm
  • Complete motorisation pack with switch

Product details

Motorising your roller shutter

Is it time to modernise your manual domestic roller shutter? AVOSDIM now offer a complete and simple solution in the form of an all-in-one switch control (compact) motor kit. After assembling the tube, simply open the roller box and replace the old tube with the new one and screw closed.

wired motor switch avosdim


opening roller shutter box

Check below to see if your shutter is compatible with the 10Nm compact motor kit:

  • Previous tube measures 60mm in diameter and is between 410mm and 1500mm wide
  • Selected power is adequate (see formula below)
Weight of the slat curtain = width (m) x (height (m) + 0.2 x (weight per m² *)

* Estimated weight of the slats: PVC 4kg/m² - aluminum 4.5kg/m² - wood 11kg/m²

If your roller shutter weighs up to 20Kg, 10Nm power is suitable.

Package contents

  • 1 - Octagonal shaft ø60mm - recuttable W1500mm (x1)
  • 2 - Ø60mm tube end with ball bearing (x1)
  • 3 - Pivot plate with nipple ø12mm 75 x 75mm (x1)
  • 4 - Motor support
  • 5 - Flexible slat attachment clips (x3)
  • 6 - AVOSDIM compact switch motor ø45mm 005163 - W360mm - 10Nm (x1)
  • 7 - Wheel and crown adapters for 60mm octagonal tube
  • 8 - Stop limit adjustment stylus (x1)
  • 9 - Self-drilling screws (x3)
  • 10 - AVOSDIM switch - surface/recess mounting (x1)
Contents of avosdim motorisation pack


short avosdim motor 10nm
  • Diameter: 45mm
  • Motor strength: 10Nm
  • Lift limit: 20kg
  • Speed: 15rpm
  • Power: 230V / 50Hz
  • Cage capacity: 22 turns
  • Protection index: IP44


AVOSDIM is our selection of motors that offer reliable, economical models with everything you need. The brand is developed to meet every day requirements at unbeatable prices.

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Information sheet
Name AvosDim motorisation kit - compact motor
Warranty (years) 5

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