How to get £50 off on your order?

You are our best ambassadors! So we’re giving you the chance to express yourself!
Create a quick and easy video highlighting your experience with AvosDim ang get a £50 refund on your order!

Good to know:

For best results, we suggest putting your phone in “portrait” mode (vertical mode),the same way you create your instagram stories. ake up the whole screen, the videos will be more immersive. And remember to use both videos and photos (in the same formats)!Here are some useful applications for editing photos: VSCO or Storyluxe. If you want to create a video montage in a few minutes, we recommend Unfold or Canva. It's up to you!


Step 1
Unpack the package

The discovery of your order begins as soon as you receive the package! Isn't that right? The container is (almost) as important as the content (at least at AvosDim)!
That's why it's a good idea to try to film the unpacking and give your first impressions! Let your emotion and creativity shine through! There is nothing more pleasant than to imagine yourself opening your order!

Step 2
Read the instructions

Express yourself on camera! The video format is much more attractive and enjoyable to read than a long explanation. Try to give as much detail as possible: where it is located? the number of steps? the tools needed? how easy it is to understand.
In other words, give as much information as possible.


Step 3
Install the product

This is what we nowadays call a "tuto". In this step, film your product from all angles: from the assembly of the product's components, to the installation and finally to its use. Do not hesitate to zoom in to show more details. Be careful, light is very important here, too little light can ruin a video, even with the most beautiful product.

Step 4
Show us the result!

Once you have succeeded, you can put a before/after picture of the product in the foreground and explain what it has changed in your home (decoration, insulation, security...). The idea is to help other users to project themselves with our different products. The speech must be short, punchy and authentic!
This allows us to obtain constructive opinions and to constantly improve our products and services!


Step 5
Share your video!

That's it, your video is done! Share it by mentioning #avosdim and @avosdim on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or TikTok and get up to €50 worth of your order back if it's published.

Do you need help?

You've created all your videos, but you can't make a nice video montage? No problem! Our team can take care of it! Send your videos and photos via Wetransfer to and Amandine will send it back to you edited, ready to be shared!

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