Somfy ® ILMO WT roller shutter motor Ø50mm - switch control

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  • Replacement kit with motor and adapters
  • Practical, electronic stop limits
  • Obstacle and freeze stop function
  • Burglar-proof: anti-lift mechanism

Product details

Power options

The ILMO motor + adapters kit are available in 5 motor strengths:

  • 6Nm: ILMO WT 6/17 1130125
  • 10Nm: ILMO WT 10/17 1131110
  • 20Nm: ILMO WT 20/17 1132101
  • 30Nm: ILMO WT 30/17 1133001
  • 35Nm: ILMO WT 35/17 1133004
  • 6Nm: ILMO WT 6/17 Court 11301274

The general ratio for motor power is 1Nm lifts 2Kg, you can estimate your shutter curtain weight with the below formula:

width (m) x height (m) x weight* (per m2)

* PVC: 4kg/m² or ALU: 4.5kg/m²

Automatic stops

The Ilmo motor does not require any particular adjustment for shutters fitted with stops and locking curtain clips. The limit switches are electronic, which means that the motor itself retains the place where it is in the closed position, no configuration necessary.

Safety first

The Somfy Ilmo ® motor has been programmed to provide daily comfort and safety. Here are the main advantages:

  • Stop if an obstacle is detected when the roller shutter curtain is lowered (very practical in particular for children, animals, etc.).
  • Shutdown in the event of frost (if the shutter is closed and the blades frozen between them), which prevents the motor from forcing and being damaged.
  • Stop in case of unlocking of the final blade (break-in).
  • Very resistant to manual lifting attempts of the shutter when it is lowered (ensures the safety of goods and people)

Technical specifications

somfy specifications


Options for the most common wheel & crown adapters are available to add to your motor kit.

If your tube model does not match any of them, many other adaptation models are available sold seperately on the site.

Note: The choice of adapters offered in the LT50 motor replacement kit cannot be interchanged.

somfy adapters


Package contents

  • ILMO motor of the specified Nm
  • Wheel and crown adapter set
  • User manual

Instruction manuals

Information sheet

Information sheet
Name Somfy ® ILMO WT roller shutter motor
Sku Fabriquant MOT_ILMO
Warranty (years) 5

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