Want to know more about Somfy IO protocol ?

Are you trying to decide between Somfy RTS or IO motors? Both allow control via remote controls or the Tahoma ® app automation, but the IO protocol goes even further! Follow our guide below to find out more...

The main differences between the RTS and IO protocols

The choice between Somfy RTS or IO protocol is an important one. If you go for RTS equipment, it must also be controlled from an RTS control. Likewise for IO, if you have IO motors, they must be driven by an IO compatible remote. It isn't possible to control IO devices with RTS controls and vice versa; they are two distinct protocols. Whether you invest in IO or RTS, one of the priorities is often to centralise control and groupings of devices for daily use and automation. Hence the importance of making the right choice between RTS and IO from the first purchase!

RTS technology is an RF wireless communication protocol specific to Somfy, available since 1998. 433MHz radio frequency which allows other RTS Somfy equipment to communicate with each other.

IO-homecontrol ® technology is Somfy's latest radio technology, their newest innovation. It is a two-way radio communication protocol at 868.95 MHz which not only works with home closures but also locks, heating, lighting, roof windows, etc. This two-way radio frequency technology is used by several leading brands such as Somfy, Velux, KVF, Niko, CIAT. This makes centralising control of various elements and devices in the home possible.

What else does IO protocol have vs. RTS?

Somfy IO technology optimises many of the standard RTS functions. Here they are in detail:

  • IO devices are two-way (bi-directional). You have access to precise information on the state of the equipment. For example, the battery status of the solar powered roller shutter, the percentage of opening of the roller shutter, the strength of the wind detected by the specific sensors... all this information and more is available via the Tahoma app.
  • You can centralise to streamline management of home equipment from a selection of brands and connected objects using the IO protocol: Somfy, Velux, KVF, Niko, CIAT, Honeywell... It also allows you to create smart scenarios, like 'close all the shutters at nightfall, then turn on the light in the living room and heating in the bedrooms' (depending on the available devices).
  • The transmission of commands is fast and efficient, using 3 frequencies automatically selecting the best.
  • Safety is important. The tamper-proof 128-bit encryption key blocks any hacking attempt and is unique for each set-up. No unlocking the automatic locks or raising of the shutters!

What are the advantages of choosing the shutter IO motor rather than the RTS?

  • For IO motorised roller shutters, installation is easier and faster! the stop limit switches of IO motors are automatically set. By resetting stops automatically the shutter is always well positioned, preserving the product life-span.
  • An "autoscan" function on the IO remote controls allows motors to be individually selected, named and tuned without double cut-off; which makes it simple to effectively trouble-shoot any motor issues (obstacle detection, thermal problems, etc)
  • The "Somfy Drive Control" constantly calculates the torque and speed of the motor to ensure everything is regular and optimal.
  • IO motors also benefit from regular IO protocol upgrades.
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