• Product description

Replacement Mesh Roll for MKENR_PVC - 1600x1600mm

  • Mesh roll designed for MKENR_PVC repairs
  • Durable PVC coated fibreglass mesh - 1mm grid
  • DIY adjustable if needed, no fraying

Product details

Fly Screen Mesh Roll: Durability

The PVC-coated fiberglass mesh is a durable and robust option that is designed to withstand the elements, all year round.  The grey colour allows optimal outward visibility, while the 1mm grid allows plenty of air flow without the insects.

Fly Screen Mesh Roll: Compatibility

This roller fly screen mesh replacement is suitable for the following AvosDim PVC roller fly screen product SKU's: 

  • 004006
  • 004007
  • 004008
  • 004009
  • 004010
  • 004011

Fly Screen Mesh Roll: Installation

Remove your old mesh from the roller tube and fix the new one using strong adhesive. Once securely attached, the tube can be reinserted into the cassette, the spring tightened (rotate the end cap) and the end cap screwed back in place. The reinofrced bottom hem allows the handle bar to be attached and used daily.

Information sheet

Information sheet
Name Replacement Mesh Roll
SKU 004020
Sku Fabriquant 004020
Warranty (years) 1

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