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  • Easy to use 100% natural fly, mosquito, wasp solution
  • Lacquered aluminium frames in 5 colours
  • Designed for reveal fitting, internally or externally
  • Exceptional 10 year warranty!

Product details

Premium roller fly screen: Benefits

peaceful child sleeping
  • Let the fresh air in and keep the bugs out, all year round!
  • 100% natural and effective protection for flies, mosquitos, wasps and more
  • Optimum combination of maximum airflow, visibility and protection
  • Quick and easy to install, simple to use
  • Durable aluminium frame, built to last!
  • Replaceable parts in case of damage / wear and tear
  • Long term investment with exceptional 10 year warranty

Premium roller fly screen: Composition

roller fly screen components

Need replacement mesh? Handles? Spring? We stock a full range of replacement components for this product

Premium roller fly screen: Mesh

The mesh is constructed of PVC coated fibreglass in a 1mm (approximate) grid. Designed for external use it is rot-proof, flexible and durable, with a reinforced seam at the handlebar to prevent tears.

Grey in colour, the screen mesh offers maximum outward visibility, while maintaining optimum insect protection and airflow.

fly screen mesh roll

Premium roller fly screen: Guides

guide track for premium roller fly screen with brush seal

The Luxe screen cassette, tracks and handle bar are made from extruded aluminum. Built to last the components are solid and high quality.

Tracks and handlebars come fitted with brush seals, guaranteeing full coverage across your opening.

Premium roller fly screen: Colours

The Luxe roller fly screen frame is available in a variety of colours to suit your space and taste. The powder coated extruded aluminium frame is available in white, brown, anthracite grey and black. For a faux wood finish opt for the elegant golden oak, the veneer on aluminum goes perfectly with wooden window frames.

premium roller fy screen colour range

Premium roller fly screen: DIY adjustment

We offer this product in standard DIY adjustable sizes or made to measure. The compact cassette, and tracks can be easily cut down to suit your requirements with just a hacksaw. A graduated scale sticker on the cassette makes the process even easier. The screen comes ready to assemble as cassette unit (mesh roller inside) and two side tracks.

Dimensions Min. width possible Min. depth required
L800 x H1000mm 500mm 39mm
L1000 x H1600mm 600mm 39mm
L1250 x H1600mm 700mm 39mm
L1250 x H2200mm 800mm 39mm
L1500 x H1600mm 1100mm 39mm
L1500 x H2200mm 1100mm 39mm

No cuts are visible once the screen is mounted, and the mesh is fray resistant.


Premium roller fly screen: Made to measure

To save time installing, we can cut down to your dimensions for you. The screen comes ready to assemble and install with a cassette unit and two side tracks. We offer this product up to 1800mm wide and 2200mm high.

  • Take 3 sets of measurements of the window reveal (brick to brick)
  • Specify the smallest set of height x width for us to use

To ensure a hassle free window reveal installation, we deduct approximately 2mm tolerance when manufacturing your made to measure screen

roller fly screen being cut down

Instruction manuals

Information sheet

Information sheet
Name Roller Fly Screen for Windows
Warranty (years) 10 - Mesh excluded

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10 / 10
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Jacques D., the 23/11/2020 following an order made on 09/11/2020
4 / 10
"Des contraintes techniques lors de la confection peuvent nous amener à déduire de vos dimensions tableau environ 2mm, c’est sans conséquence pour le bon fonctionnement de votre moustiquaire enroulable." -> c'est la promesse qu'on vous fait à l'achat, cependant vous vous retrouvez avec 5mm voire entre les longueurs de profilés. Déjà qu'il faut jongler avec un tableau tordu, il faut parier en plus pour une découpe en votre faveur. malheureusement pour moi c'est dans le mauvais sens. C'est ma 2e commande et je commence à regretter la "découpe sur mesure"....
Remi M., the 20/11/2020 following an order made on 25/10/2020
8 / 10
Il y avait toujours plein de limaille dans les colis, je ne comprend pas pourquoi il n'est pas possible d'enlever cette limaille qui raye les montants des moustiquaires.
Genevieve S., the 18/11/2020 following an order made on 20/10/2020
10 / 10
Trés bon produit
fabien u., the 17/11/2020 following an order made on 31/10/2020

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