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Duo Blind for Velux ® Roof Windows blackout & filtering

As low as £38.90
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  • Dual adaptability for day and night
  • High-performance black-out fabric
  • Selection of colours and dimensions
  • Complete light control!

Product details

Duo blind for Velux ® roof windows

Our Duo interior blinds are specially designed to fit Velux ® brand roof windows. To determine if they are compatible with your roof window, you just need to check the identity plate located at the top right (on the movable part of the window). The Duo awning for roof window brand Velux ® fits on all models (GGL, GPL, GTL, GZL, GHL, GHU, GGI, GFL, GRL, VTL, GIL, GIU, VFA, VFB, VFE)

Check the compatibility of the dimensional code:

C02, 102, 104, 6 ou C04, 1, 304 ou M04, 14, 306 ou M06, 2, 308, ou M08, 4, 606 ou S06, 10, 608, ou S08, 7, 804 ou U04, 8, 808, U08, CK02, CK04, MK04, MK06, MK08, SK06, SK08, UK04, UK08.


Duo blind: Blackout or filtering

duo blind for velux windows

The Duo awning is ideal for all times of the day. Both innovative and practical, it allows you to completely darken your rooms at night (Left thumbnail) or partially sift them during the day (Right thumbnail).

Duo blind: Complete adjustment

Other configurations are also possible. You can indeed use both canvases at the same time (Thumbnail on the left). Or partially open the sieve cloth (Right thumbnail). These two possibilities allow you to adjust the brightness of your interior.

duo blind for velux windows

Duo blind: Robust frame

avosdim duo blind for velux windows

Designed in anodized aluminum, the awning frame is therefore very robust. The thin layer of alumina naturally present in aluminum helps protect the trunk, the rails and the double bar from oxidation. Thanks to anodization (increasing the thickness of the alumina layer), aluminum is effectively and durably protected against corrosion.

Duo blind: Double fabric

The high-end manufacturing of this Duo blind offers many advantages. The particularity of this innovative blind is its double canvas: one is 100% blackout while the other is 100% sieving. Made of polyester, the blackout fabric is covered with a thin layer of aluminum on the glazing side. The solar rays are reflected, this avoids the heating of your interior (Thumbnail on the left). The sieving fabric is pleated to filter the light, your interior is thus partially illuminated (Thumbnail on the right). With anti-stain protection, the fabric is very easy to clean with a slightly damp cloth or sponge.

duo blind for velux windows fabric types

Duo blind: Easy use

duo blind for velux windows

In order to facilitate the handling of the two fabrics, the load bars are equipped with an anti-blocking system. No risk of your awning coming out of the rails.

Duo blind: Brush seal

In order to conceal your parts, a concealment joint is integrated into the load bar. Thanks to this joint, the light is completely filtered, your rooms are thus perfectly darkened.

duo blind for velux windows brush seal

Package contents

  • Duo blind for Velux ® roof windows
  • Fixtures pack


Instruction manual and video

Information sheet

Information sheet
Name Duo Blind for Velux ® Roof Windows
Sku Fabriquant JNTV_STOREDUO
Warranty (years) 2

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