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Remote Control Roller Shutter Motor Ø35mm - 10Nm - AvosDim

  • Motor diameter ø35mm
  • Power 10Nm (lifts up to 20Kg)
  • Remote control operation (240v supply)
  • Upgrade your roller shutter today
  • Free delivery & 24H dispatch

Product details

Remote control motor: Compatibility

The AvosDim ø35mm 10Nm roller shutter motor is specifically adapted to power small to medium size roller shutters. Controlled via AvosDim remote control (not included) the motor can also be configured for automation.

Remote control motor: Configuration

Nm power:

The power needed depends on shutter curtain weight - this can be calculated from the height and width of the visible slat curtain and the weight of relevant slat material. The general ratio for motor power is 1Nm supports 2Kg.

calculate roller shutter dimensions

Shutter curtain weight formula:

width (m) x height (m) x weight* (per m2)

* PVC: 4kg/m² or ALU: 4.5kg/m²

Motor adapters:

Adapter sets are supplied with a wheel and a crown. One allows the motor to rotate the roller while the other manages stop limits.

Adapters must correspond to motor brand, diameter, and roller barrel type - if replacing identical motor no adapters are necessary. We stock adaptors for a variety of roller tube shapes including 60mm octagonal, ZF 54mm, ZF 64mm and more.

Motor supports:

Support brackets are also essential. Fixed at one side, they are used to hold the motor head in place so it can power the barrel effectively.

Our selection accounts for the type of motor selected. To choose the correct bracket just reference the roller type and box size (if applicable).

The support suitable for short motors that we offer is QUOTI_QZ04, it is universal, therefore compatible with all types of shutter.

Remote control motor: Specifications

Power Motor length* Speed
10Nm 577mm 17 rpm

*Plus visible motor head of 19mm 


Consumption: 230V / 50Hz

Capacity: 22 turns

Motor diameter: 35mm

Safety index: IP44

Certifications: CE, TUV (Germany), VDE (Germany), ROH

Remote control motor: AvosDim technology

AvosDim technology offers a range of remote control motors, developed for those who wish to modernise their shutters or blinds with a high quality motor at an economical price. Compatible with a wide range of remote control and automation, you can enjoy the future now.

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Package contents

  • ø35mm remote control motor 10Nm 005216
  • 3-core 2m cable - black
  • Stop limits adjustment key
  • Manual

Information sheet

Information sheet
Name Remote Control Roller Shutter Motor
SKU 005216
Sku Fabriquant 005216
Warranty (years) 10

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