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Removable Framed Fly Screen with Brackets face fit / window fit

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  • Easy to install, easy to remove
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  • Great value, high quality, natural bug solution
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Product details

Removable framed fly screen:

removable framed fly screen installed externally

Removable framed fly screen: Clip in configuration

This installation implies that the window sash is open. The mosquito net frame is installed without any drilling on the frame via 4 metal tabs which hold it against. These metal legs are adjustable by you to the thickness of the frame, a flat clamp is necessary (clamp not supplied). The frame is facing the frame, the daylight is preserved!

installation options for removable framed fly screen
taking dimensions for a removable framed fly screen


With the window open, take the measurements from one end to the other of your frame, this in 3 different places in height and in width, and refer us to the lowest of them. The mosquito net frame made to your dimensions will adapt in this opening in the blink of an eye! Make sure you have at least 30mm of free space all around the frame for mounting the frame.

Removable framed fly screen: Face fit configuration

There are many ways to install a frame mosquito net at home, especially when the configuration is atypical. In our online fixed frame mosquito net configurator, we allow you to enter a finished height and width. These will then be the total dimensions of the frame. 4 PVC shims to be screwed are supplied (wall dimensions: 15 x 11mm). Their installation is optional of course.

face fix bracket for removable framed fly screen
taking dimensions for removable framed fly screen


Transfer the finished height and width of the desired screen frame to the online configurator. Once assembled, your frame will make these dimensions from one end to the other.

Removable framed fly screen: Package contents

Here are all the elements present in your package

  • 4 x lacquered aluminum profiles: 28 x 8mm (width x depth)
  • 4 x PVC corner pieces: 33 x 33mm
  • Brush seals for full frame: 12mm depth profile + seal
  • 1 x roll PVC coated fibreglass mesh: 1mm square grid
  • 4 x mesh holding snap on bars
  • 2 x PVC removal handles
  • 4 x metal clip on window brackets (no drilling required)
  • 4 x PVC screw fix brackets

The colors of the angles, the handles and the screw fixings are white if you opt for the white frame and black if it is the anthracite gray frame.

Removable framed fly screen: Aluminium frame

assembled removable framed fly screen anthracite or white

White or anthracite gray, the color of the mosquito net frame is chosen according to your joinery! Good color fastness over time.

As for the robustness of the profiles, thanks to an extrusion process, they are designed to withstand long years, not bending.

assembled fly screen corner

Removable framed fly screen: Inside frame

back side of removable framed fly screen

On the inside of the profiles, brush seals which guarantee airtightness. Appears on this view one of the metal tabs which constitute the fixing without drilling (stainless steel). They hang on the upper and lower frame (2 at the top and 2 at the bottom). As each frame is different, it is you who adapt them to the thickness of it during assembly, the metal legs being foldable for this use.

Keeping the canvas firmly in place, bars to easily clip into a dedicated groove on each of the profiles. Well stretched, the canvas is an exceptional bulwark against pests.

Removable framed fly screen: Mesh

The mosquito repellent fabric protects you effectively and widely. Beyond mosquitoes, it is also wasps, flies, horseflies, tiger mosquitoes, ... which are stopped. His secret? Being a PVC coated fiberglass, which makes it flexible and robust at the same time. The mesh is very tight, every millimeter, which filters pollen just as brightly as flying insects.

Choose the canvas in gray, white or black (depending on availability). Whatever the color of the mosquito net, the clarity and visibility are preserved and the canvas can only be seen very closely. High resistance canvas and aluminum models not compatible with the frame.

fly screen mesh rolls in different colours

Removable framed fly screen: Handles

removable framed fly screen handle

Pull handles allow easy installation and removal of the screen frame. Practical, easy to use and inconspicuous.

Instruction manual and video

Information sheet

Information sheet
Name Removable Framed Fly Screen with Brackets
Sku Fabriquant MKFI_V19C
Warranty (years) 5 - Mesh excluded

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